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Your DNA can tell you a lot about yourself, such as how much Neanderthal you really are, or if you are likely to grow hairs in your nose and ears in later years! Besides your bodies response to nutrition, you can also discover if you taste foods differently to other people.

Your genes can also reveal the potential presence of hidden ethnicities inherited from previous generations.

Discover your genotype popularity.
Learn about your genetic lifespan.

Why DNA helps?

Have you ever thought about your vitality and longevity, and whether there are lessons to be learned from your own body? Well, we have! You are unique and we are helping you to get personal when it comes to knowing whats good and bad for you based on your genes!

Our DNA is increasingly exposing its hidden secrets and providing us with the instruction manual for making better nutrition and lifestyle choices. It is our aim to make these unique insights available to all.

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