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Martyna, a valued customer, nutritionist, and dietician.
Georg, a valued customer.
Samantha, a valued customer.

...they learned something new about themselves,

“A valuable tool to better understand my body”

It turned out that my body was unable to synthesise vitamin D efficiently and I could benefit from supplementation. Thanks to myDigitalTwin, I know my individual weaknesses and how to optimise my self care.

Practicing Nutritionist
Sophie Moore - Startux X Webflow Template

“As a vegan, good nutrition is important to me”

I ordered the DNA test kit and created my digital twin because I'm vegan and I wanted to know which vitamins I need to pay particular attention to, so that I don't have any deficiencies. It really helped me a lot!

Vegan Lover
Lily Woods - Startux X Webflow Template

“It helped me stay healthy as I trained”

I'm an athlete and so created myDigitalTwin because I wanted to know if my body can sufficiently neutralise free radicals and homocysteine, which is important for me when doing intense sports.

Ironman Competitor

...and we learned how to improve too.

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