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For those who wish to support research and help the next generation.

DNA analysis for the whole family, young and old.
Cutting edge DNA analysis proving personalised nutrition and fitness advice.

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Your DNA can have a profound impact on our understanding of our bodies. The discovery of ways to prevent illness or make treatments more effective, tailored to our individual physiology, is helping to extend both our health- and lifespans. At the heart of this important, cutting-edge work is the human genome.

You can contribute your DNA anonymously to this vital research, help protect future generations, and benefit society has a whole.

Support important scientific research & society.
Anonymous, safe, and protects your privacy.

Secure legacy

‍DNA testing is increasingly be used to help understand hereditary conditions and other ailments that may effect your children and future generations. Saving your DNA today, may help loved ones in the future get answers.

We will keep your sequenced DNA safe and secure until a time comes when you or a family member might need it.

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