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Discover your dietary and nutritional needs using a genetic report.
Start your day with a nutritious breakfast based on advice from your own DNA report.

Love food?

Your DNA can reveal information about your unique nutritional needs and how your body metabolises certain nutrients. Learn how your body processes milk sugars, gluten and caffeine, and get dietary recommendations.

Additionally, your DNA test can identify genetic predispositions you might have to certain nutrient deficiencies, such as vitamin D or selenium, which can suggest a need for nutrient supplementation.

Discover if you have a risk for food intolerances.
Learn if you should supplement Vitamins like D3.

Your DNA diet

‍We have all been told that "what you eat is what you are!" and to a large degree there is a lot of truth in these childhood words. That's why eating well and having the right nutrition is good for us all. However, when it comes to our bodies response to nutrition, we are not all the same.

Our DNA can tell us if we need more or less of a nutrient in order for our bodies to function at their optimal best. With this knowledge we can tailor our diets to our DNA. In other words we can create a personalised DNA diet.

Start your DNA diet
Get a DNA diet and eat nutritious meals with the whole family.
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