Weight Management

For those who want to manage their weight more effectively.

Weight management with the help of DNA analysis and health insights.
A healthy way to eat to manage weight loss.

Go figure!

DNA testing can provide valuable insights into your genetic predisposition to weight gain and obesity, making it a powerful tool for weight management.

Gain isights into your metabolism, appetite control, and nutrient processing. In addition, learn about your personal sensitivity to certain types of food, such as carbohydrates and fats, so you can make more informed choices about your diet.

Learn the impact of fats and carbohydrates on you.
Gain knowledge about your own metabolism.

Why DNA helps?

We have all at some point thought about our weight and how we either loose it, gain it or maintain it! We are all different after all and we have different goals too. Your DNA, together with your digital twin, is there to help you understand how to modify your habits to achieve your aims starting with understanding your genes.

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Loosing weight through exercise can be joyful.
Genetic SNPs sequenced
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