Fitness and Training

For those who want to optimise their workouts and do so in a healthy way.

Improve your fitness performance or endurance with a DNA fitness report.
Optimise your fitness regime with insights from your own genetic analysis.

Feel the burn!

DNA testing can be used to identify your muscle fiber type and help tailor your exercise regimen to improve your athletic performance, prevent injuries, and achieve your fitness goals more effectively.

Enjoying an increased protein diet? Discover if you can effectively regulate homocysteine in your blood, a potent cytotoxin produced when proteins are broken down. Learn what you can do to support your body.

Learn if you can regulate homocysteine in your body.
Discover if you are more a strength or cardio type.

Why DNA helps?

It goes without saying that when you train hard you need to fuel your body in the right way! Your genes can play an important role in helping you select nutrition that supports and protects your body as you workout.

Ready steady go
Discover if the secret to you running marathons is hidden in your genes.
Food sources
Types of muscle

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