Let us introduce you to your digital twin!

The digital twin is a virtual tool designed to help you better interpret and use the insights created from your DNA.

myDigitalTwin internal female avatar for illustrating genetic analysis.
myDigitalTwin female avatar for illustrating genetic analysis.
myDigitalTwin internal male avatar for illustrating genetic analysis.
myDigitalTwin male avatar for illustrating genetic analysis.
Food sources
Gene SNPs

Body works

Your body is fascinating in all its complexity. To help you navigated through your various systems a simple menu is provided that helps you jump straight to the area you want to improve on.

A clear explanation is given for each micronutrient with the ability to view additional insights on available food sources to include in your diet.

Gene insights

To help you better understand the role your genes play in the nutrition and lifestyle choices you make, we have curate your gene insights for each body system. Here you can learn about any genetic predisposition and sensitivities to micro- and macro-nutrients, fitness and lifestyle choices you make.

Discover gene insights
DNA diet and nutrition - Beef Steak.

Learn about foods and their nutrition

Learn about each micronutrient, its function in the body, rich sources in foods and how to increase its bioavailability through food preparation. This ensures you get the most from your diet.

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Micronutrients play an important role in the healthy function of your body. Too little of some nutrients and too much of others can impact your health. Your genes play an important role in how our bodies process them.

Your digital twin guides you through which micronutrients or more significant for you based on your genes.

Lifestyle tracking

Your digital twin wants to evolve with you and so over time you will see additional abilities to track your progress as you aim to reach your personal goals. This will ensure you stay on track and that your digital twin learns how best to optimise your health.

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9 insights and more

You can learn a lot about yourself from your DNA. Here are just a few, but the list is growing as our understanding improves.

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