Our story

We have come along way since we founded in 2020. At the heart of our story are our valued customers, who have helped us deliver better and more relevant health insights based on their DNA. Join us on our journey...

myDigitalTwin offering a full circle DNA analysis for everyone.
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Our visions

Our vision is to drive forward discoveries that enhance the human health- and life-span.

Our mission

Our mission is to develop an intelligent digital-health assistant, to encourage individuals to engage with themselves and continually optimise their health. We do this by collecting and analysing DNA and lifestyle data, in order to provide highly-personalised health insights to encourage healthy aging, based on scientifically validated evidence.

We love science

Have you ever thought about your vitality and longevity, and whether there are lessons to be learned from your own body? Well, we have! You are unique and we are helping you to get personal when it comes to knowing what's good and bad for you based on your genes!

Our DNA is increasingly exposing its hidden secrets and providing us with the instruction manual for making better nutrition and lifestyle choices. It is our aim to make these unique insights available to all.

A digital twin that helps you understand your DNA.
Insights that help you make better health decisions.
Micronutrients evaluated
Genetic variants
DNA insights
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We are growing everyday and working hard to expand our reach and knowledge. If you are ready to join us on our journey, we would love to have you on board.

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Our values

Company Culture and Spirit

Company Culture and Spirit

We are driven by mutual respect, honesty, creativity, and family.
Diversity, Inclusion, and Greater Equality

Diversity, Inclusion, and Greater Equality

We are stronger when we work together.
Health and Lifestyle

Health and Lifestyle

We encourage a holistic approach to achieve good health.
Privacy and Data Security

Privacy and Data Security

Customer privacy and protecting personal data is paramount.
Research and Development

Research and Development

We break down barriers with knowledge and understanding.


We must protect the environment for future generations.

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