Health and Lifestyle

For those who need a gentle nudge to help live a healthier lifestyle.

DNA analysis providing knowledge of how to live a healthy lifestyle.
Eating a healthy DNA diet is the start of a healthy lifestyle.

Need a nudge?

Your genes may give you a very good reason to cut down on sugars and carbohydrates in your diet, limit your salt intake, reduce your coffee consumption, or explain why for you it is important to drink more water each day to detox effectively.

Your DNA test and the unique health insights provided can help you stay motivated to maintain healthy habits over the long term.

Gain knowledge that keeps you motivated to make positive lifestyle changes.
Receive both diet and healthy lifestyle recommendations.

Why DNA helps?

Let's face it, we all love to indulge sometimes, it adds joy to life, but when it becomes a habit, it can be very hard to change. For some of us, and I am guessing you included, a little scientific evidence and a justification for making that change helps a lot!

That's where your DNA can help. Its' many lessons are ready to nudge you gently back into those good habits once again.

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Living a healthy lifestyle based on an understanding of your DNA.
Unique insights
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