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Unlock the secrets hidden in your DNA and lead a healthier and longer life with the help of your digital twin.

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Martyna, a valued DNA test customer, nutritionist, and dietician.
Vicky, valued customer.
Stefan Schwarz, a valued customer and testimonial.
myDigitalTwin offers a full circle DNA analysis into diet, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle.

You are in safe hands with us

If this is the first time you are considering getting your DNA tested, then we are delighted you have chosen us!

We take this responsibility very seriously and are here to help you access some incredible insights about you. Let's face it, you are one of a kind!

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Get started with your digital twin

With the support of a digital twin you can better  understand your DNA analysis and the effects on you from adopting a healthier diet, lifestyle, and fitness regime. It connects you directly to your data in a visual way.

Fun, playful, and interactive.
Makes your results understandable.
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Discover something new about you!

It couldn't be easier to get your DNA tested and to learn about which diet and nutrition is right for you.

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Georg, a valued customer.

Our core values

Health and Lifestyle

Health and Lifestyle

We encourage a holistic approach to achieve good health.
Privacy and Data Security

Privacy and Data Security

Customer privacy and protecting personal data is paramount.
Research and Development

Research and Development

We break down barriers with knowledge and understanding.

Simple and pain free

myDigitalTwin DNA test kit.

Order your DNA test kit

To get started you will need to order your DNA test kit to your home. The test kit will include everything you need to collect a pain free saliva sample.

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Post your DNA test kit back to the genetics laboratory.

Return your saliva sample

Once you have collected your saliva sample, you will need to return it to the lab for processing. Don't forget to complete the authorisation form!

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myDigtialTwin offers state of the art DNA analysis and reports to individuals.

Get access to your results

You will receive an email, once your DNA report is available, inviting you to log in to your myDigitalTwin account. Complete the setup and start exploring!

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