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myDigitalTwin Nutrition Testkit

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Order your home test kit now and test your most important nutritional genes and live a long and healthy life with the help of your DNA! 🧬

myDigitalTwin Nutrition test kit contains:

✔️  Home test kit, free delivery  

✔️ Analysis of the 62 most important gene variations for your optimal nutrition

✔️ Carrying out the analysis in our partner laboratory in Salzburg / Austria

✔️  Unrestricted access to myDigitalTwin

✔️  Recommendations for organs, body, blood, metabolism and nutrition

✔️ List and daily requirement food supplements optimized for you

✔️  Food recommendations with nutritional and quantitative information

✔️ Individual daily requirement of your micronutrients



All benefits at a glance

Höre auf deine DNA und beginne jetzt ein aktiveres und gesünderes Leben

  • Optimized nutrition

    myDigitalTwin shows you in an easy-to-understand way how your genes influence the absorption and utilization of nutrients and how you can optimize your diet.

  • Interactive

    Boring PDF reports that nobody likes to read are a thing of the past. myDigitalTwin is a digital and interactive tool that is fun and supports you in achieving your goals.

  • Easily implementable

    All results are presented visually and are easy to understand for the layperson. myDigitalTwin gives you personal tips on how to lead a healthier life based on your DNA so that you stay fit for a long time.

  • Privacy

    We work with the highest security standards to protect your data. Our certified laboratory will destroy your sample after analysis and we use 2-factor authentication to log into myDigitalTwin.