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myDigitalTwin shows you how you can improve your performance and live a healthier life.

Are you training regularly and want to improve your fitness results? Are you constantly tired and don't know why? Do you want to protect your body from premature aging? myDigitalTwin shows you how to do it based on the latest scientific knowledge and your DNA!

Using the latest scientific knowledge

We work with geneticists and a state-of-the-art laboratory in Austria. The recommendations in myDigitalTwin are based on the results of the latest scientific research.

Your smart digital assistant is always with you

myDigitalTwin works on your desktop at home and on your smartphone when you are on the go. For example, you can access recommendations for your grocery list while shopping. The app is available in both English and German.

Test yourself from the comfort of your own home

You can do the myDigitalTwin Nutrition Test from the comfort of your own home. Simply collect a pain-free saliva sample and bring the test kit to your local post office. You will typically receive your results in about 2-3 weeks after arrival. We offer international delivery.