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How cells age prematurely and how you can protect yourself from it

Biological aging is an inevitable process that can be observed in all living organisms. Premature aging, on the other hand, is due to chronic health problems and age-related diseases.

Biological aging describes the process of cellular and functional degradation of an organism. About half of human deaths are due to age-related diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, stroke and Alzheimer's.

Premature aging has attracted the attention of scientists around the world. This interest stems from the goal of biomedical research to improve the life expectancy and health of individuals. Studies of aging disorders, in which the cells and organism age at an accelerated rate compared to a normal organism, offer hope for understanding the aging process, since many of these disorders are due to specific mutations in specific genes.

In this way you can protect yourself from premature aging of the cells

At this point we would like to remind you once again: Aging is a process that we cannot escape. It is a natural process to which all living things are subject.

Nevertheless, you can do a lot of good for yourself and your body in order to appear healthy, vital and young for as long as possible.


Use sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 every day is perhaps the most important thing you can do in the summer to prevent signs of premature aging.

Pay attention to more than just your face

Don't limit your moisturizing and skin protection regimen to just your face. Make sure you use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 and lotion on the rest of your body as well.

Even in winter, many people tend to focus on the face when it comes to skin care. Apply cream all over your body to give the skin the moisture it needs.

Introduce one new product after another - and give it time to take effect

Some products promise to instantly reduce the signs of aging. The truth is that with any cosmetic product, it takes time before you see visible results. Do yourself and your body a favor and refrain from using various means. Use one product at a time, see if it works and replace it if it doesn't.

Make sure you remove your makeup completely before bed

Your face wash habits can affect the appearance of your skin. Wash your face twice a day with warm water and a mild cleanser. Make sure your face is free of makeup and other residue before you go to bed.

Not only our body recovers at night, but also the skin. Make sure that your skin can breathe freely at night and is not covered by make-up or residues of it. In connection with this, it is also advisable to bring the temperature in the bedroom to around 20 degrees.

Stick to a sleep schedule

Sleep is important for all organs in your body, including your skin. Sticking to your sleep schedule allows your skin to refresh and renew itself every day.

Your body can regenerate better when it gets its fixed times. That doesn't mean you have to go to bed at the same time 365 days a year. But you should see that you at least follow a rough line. There are many apps (also for smartwatches) that support this process.


Eat a balanced diet

A balanced diet ensures that your body gets all the nutrients it needs to form healthy skin cells.

Also stay hydrated - drink enough and sufficient!

Dehydration can cause wrinkles to show up more quickly. Drink at least 1.5 liters of water daily to keep your body hydrated.

In everyday life, it often happens that we do not supply our body with enough liquid. Again, apps can help remind you to drink. Nothing keeps body and mind more vital than a balanced diet and sufficient fluids!

Get active, move and play sports

Daily exercise stimulates circulation, which keeps skin healthier. This can help keep your skin looking younger. Expelling sweat can also contribute to a healthy complexion.

quit smoking

If you no longer want to expose your skin to the toxins of cigarette smoke, give it time to regenerate.

This process does not happen overnight. But give your skin some time to regenerate. In one study, many people reported that their skin texture improved dramatically after smoking.

The German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg has come to the conclusion that the face of most smokers has a characteristic appearance with noticeable wrinkles, gaunt facial features and pale, gray skin, because smoking causes the skin to age prematurely.

By quitting smoking you have an important reason for premature skin aging in your hand.

If you find it difficult to quit, you can get advice from many contact points, e.g. B. at smoke free.

Practice stress management

Find a stress-relieving technique that is good for you and make it a habit. Yoga, nature walks, and meditation are all proven healthy coping mechanisms. Yoga can also be a way to reduce stress.


Premature skin aging can be a reliable criterion when it comes to mental health. Although we can never completely stop the aging of our cells, more precisely our skin, we can do our best to live as healthy as possible.

With the tips presented, you should be able to at least reduce the aging process of your skin a little.

Maybe stop smoking today? Not only your skin would thank you for that.


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