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myDigitalTwin is your interactive guide to help you understand your results and shows you how to perfectly adapt your diet and lifestyle to meet your unique need.

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  • Latest scientific knowledge

    Your personal recommendations are based on the latest scientific evidence.
  • Easy to understand and implement

    All results are easy to understand and you can implement them immediately with practical tips.
  • All important results at a glance

    myDigitalTwin is your personal companion and can be extended to include further DNA and blood analyses.
  • Highest data security

    Your data is safe and secured with 2-factor authentication enabled.

Discover which nutrition is best for you and save on supplements

myDigitalTwin shows you the exact amount of a micronutrient you need, tailored to your DNA. These include nutrients such as Q10, magnesium, vitamin C, iron, zinc, and many others. This means you can supplement your diet in a way that is perfectly suited to you and saves you money when buying ineffective supplements.

Tailor your diet to meet your needs and increase your well-being

We show you which foods are good for your health and which you should avoid. Whether you are vegan or eat everything, myDigitalTwin adapts the results to meet your preferences.

Discover what it takes to improve your training results

Exercise can lead to an overproduction of oxidative stress in your cells. myDigitalTwin shows you whether you can neutralise these free radicals sufficiently and which micronutrients you need for this.

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What our customers say about myDigitalTwin

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In my opinion, myDigitalTwin is a valuable tool to better understand our body and thus our ideal diet and to be able to adapt accordingly. For example, it was never clear to me in the past why – despite sufficient exposure to the sun – I was never sufficiently supplied with vitamin D. It turned out that my body was less able to synthesize vitamin D efficiently and I could therefore benefit from additional supplementation. Thanks to myDigitalTwin, I know my individual weaknesses and I know what I have to value most in everyday life in order to be optimally cared for.
Since nutrition plays a big role in my life, I came across myDigitalTwin and got answers to questions like: does my body tolerate caffeine and lactose for example.
With the help of myDigitalTwin all the information is easily accessible and well structured. For example, the information that I’m mostly curious about right now is "Brain" in the organs section and "Oxidative Stress"in the metabolism section. There I could dig deeper into the topic of genes and learn things about my body I didn’t know before. Fascinating!